5 Reasons You Should Embrace Geek Love

1. We’re smart
Let’s face it, some stereotypes are true. Even if our GPAs never show it, there is a wealth of friend of knowledge waiting to be let loose. And chances are, if you’ve got a classic geek 1.0 on your hands, we have a lot of diversity in our interests. There are two up shots to this. The first being yelled never be bored, and the second being that we’re always learning something new, and you never know when it’s going to come in handy 😉

2. We’re loyal
Has anybody ever seen that show “Beauty and the Geek”? Well, the vast majority of geekdom is nowhere near that bad. We all know that show played a lot on stereotypes. But the fact of the matter remains, that since geeks by their very nature are passionate about what they do, they’re also passionate about who they keep their lives. This translates into loyalty. I guarantee, you will never find a group of people who are more loyal to you once you take the time to really know them.

3. Built-in tech support

This one’s pretty much self-explanatory, and even if the special someone in your life isn’t necessarily a computer geek, I’d be willing to bet money that they’d be better at fixing your PC than the geek squad. Hopefully everybody knows the geek squad is pretty much a sham anyway.

4. Willingness to learn
if you should run into a geek who is less than… skilled at certain things, you can rest assured that this is compensated by the fact that we learned quickly, and extremely well.

5. We get you
A lot of us, while not all of us have usually been a part of less than desirable social circles, and does a wonderful side effect we have learned that you seriously should never judge a book by its cover. And we understand that all relationships are an investment. As such, will take the time to get to know you, in the end, will probably know you better than you know yourself. This will surely lead to plenty of surprises that will leave you smiling harder than you ever thought possible. And it will also lead to you hearing lots of “I did this just because.” Oh, and many of us tend to be extremely articulate once we’re comfortable with you. We spend so much time talking, that those silver tongues become useful for other things… Which in my experience, also makes significant others very happy 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post from your friendly neighborhood “geek with social skills!”


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Embrace Geek Love”

  1. @munteng hahaha! I’ve known 🙂 and flattery properly done is sexy. If you want a tablet and have the money, I love my iPad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard. My other recomenddation
    is the galaxy tab 2 XD


    1. Are you talking dirty to me Sage? I didn’t even know that you had recommended anything because you didn’t actually reply to my comment. I was just coming over here to tell you I was mad or annoyed or whatever gets your attention.


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