Why the World is Insane

I think this is a pretty awesome post that points out blatantly, a lot of the mixed messages we get as we grow older, and move to society. Awesome job Jeff!

A Song of Life: Being DID

I’m just about convinced: you can’t grow up until you’ve gone insane.  For most people this occurs around puberty; for some a bit earlier – but nobody escapes the game.  After all, think of it: all the things you’ve been told.

  • Love yourself.  (Narcassist!)
  • Give generously (sucker . . . )
  • To thine own self be true (but to everyone else? Put on a false face and lie!)
  • Speak up . . . but shut up and listen good.
  • Sex is bad.  But it’s good. (A LOT of confusion there!)
  • This is for you own good (then why the pain?)
  • Have faith! (there is no god, or god is dead, depending on what you heard).
  • Get there on time!  (Slow down and smell the roses.)
  • The human body is a beautiful thing – but they’ll put you in…

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