Romancing Libations

Red wine, Mead, beer.
Alcohol, social lubricant of the ages.
We sit together, and drink
all the while, a mutually beneficial diatribe
takes place between these two drunken ingenious minds
reductionism strips away the complexity
of the world that is you and me.
But together we find solace,
comfort in the disharmony.
For a little while, I can quiet that voice in my head
that asks me relentlessly, “who am I?”
Red wine, beer, and tequila
Alcohol, social lubricant of the ages
filling my body with an internal warm embrace,
all the while making me forget what she looked like, her beautiful face.
I don’t remember her name, her dreams, or her aspirations.
But I remember the taste of her juices,
and alcohol laden perspiration.
Alcohol, social lubricant of the ages.


16 thoughts on “Romancing Libations”

      1. ha ha, I know. I’ve had plenty of pseudo-romantic drunk sex. There so many different post ideas running through my head right now, I have no idea which ones to follow through on… So many ideas!


      1. True, but so do a lot of people. That is the problem. I don’t have enough hours in the day… I think that is why I wrote my love poem. I realized that my readers, make my passion for words even more intense with their acknowledgment of it. I have just really stepped off the deepend lately with this.


      1. Oh yeah, sorry…ahhh LSD…good times. 😉 I think it is really good to take breaks from blogging too. I can’t right now though. I’m too hungry for it. It is weird.


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