you’re it again

Okay WordPress people, nobody guessed it right… Not really. So I’m going to give you the answer, and give you another shot at this. Because I think this is awesome fun! So, the answer was #3. I don’t so much view myself as a writer, as I do a guy who has an affinity for words, and just so happens to write. The way I look at it is this, I have no real professional aspirations in any way shape or form. I write simply because I feel like writing. And I personally don’t feel like that makes me a writer. I know there are a lot of people who would disagree with that statement, and that’s fine, but that’s my personal take on it. 🙂 And besides, anyone who comes to my blog long enough issuer to notice typos that come from using speech recognition software to write blogs. I’m a terrible proofreader.

It’s funny, people thought 5 was wrong, but if you notice, there are two things in that list that are related. So if one is true, then the likelihood of the other being true goes up! Don’t feel bad though, not even my best friend could get it 🙂

Here’s the list:
1) One of my life goals is to teach philosophy.
2) I’ve been with more than 35 women.
3) I view myself as a writer.
4) I used to be a paid male companion
5) I studied game design
6) I’m currently in the process of trying to make a documentary about sex, romance, and the physically disabled.

Ready for round two?
1. I have an IQ of 135
2. I’m terrible at chess
3. I once walked in on a lesbian threesome that was bondage oriented
4. I’ve been a web designer since I was 14.
5. I once got hit by a car
6. I have two kids


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