8-Bit 9 to 5

Multicolored pixels dance across the surface of my mind,
They determine my reality.
Always colorful, but flat and 2D,
It forces me to really think, “Is this really me?”
Gotta get those coins, and save the silly princess from her pixelated strife.
This is just the story of my NES life,
Doing the 8-bit, 2D daily grind.
Simply working that 8-bit 9 to 5.


34 thoughts on “8-Bit 9 to 5”

      1. That is the hard part. Remember our intuition discussion how it is hard to follow? Mine says that I want to get too close to a few people. Including you actually…the problem is that it feeds me in a way I am not sure I should want. I definitely seperate this from real life, but I don’t know. Even talking about it feels wrong in a way.


  1. I don’t know. I guess I feel like I shouldn’t need anything from anyone on here. Like my husband, kids, family, people who know me in the world outside the computer should be enough.


      1. I don’t want to, but I have to sometimes. I can’t just tell people in real life that I think about suicide every day, or they will call the doctor. I can’t talk to my family about this kind of stuff, or they will be hurt, or angry.


      2. You can’t stop me if I don’t let you. So there. I can be sorry for you if I want to. All day long. All night too. What are you gona do about it? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Yeah, I know. I was thinking about you dying at 60 the other day. Wondering if I would even be alive. Feeling sad in a way, and just accepting at the same time. Knowing it would be better.


      1. If you ever just get annoyed with me, or tired of me, or whatever, just tell me okay? I just am not very good at reading between the lines, and I’m already too attached not to care.


  3. Thought you might be interested to know that I’m not actually ticklish. Just a fact I was trying to remember if I had ever posted about before for my “something wicked” post.


  4. I’m just going to be mad at you today. Why do I have to pretend to get you to interact with me? Oh, I get it…that role-play fantasy stuff. Come by my blog today Sage and tell me what I’m lying about okay?


  5. This is an excellent ‘something’. I have long laughed. “You won a pixel award!” That and a couple of dollars might by me a meal down at Mickey Dee’s. “I just got high score!” I laugh. “How long do you think that’ll last?”, I ask, watching as someone brings them down.

    I know a friend of mine. He died Thursday. (I’ve found: the older I get the more dead people I know.) When he found out he was dying (basically from sitting on his buttkiss waaayyy too long) – the doc told him he had to lose some weight – he just sat there devoting himself to “Warcraft”. His legacy? Some high score and a pixelated hero that didn’t die with him – but that’ll soon be gone. Just like him.

    “Look what I can do, grandpa!” my kid cries, zooming around on the screen collecting coins. “Look at how much money I have!”

    “Yeah,” I say, “and where can you go spend it?” He points at the magic screen. There are a lot of ‘weapons’, even a sword. Trouble is: they really don’t mean a thing. Which is why I gave up playing video games after about 30 years, LOL!!!!

    and yes . . . I played the original Pong . . . when Pong was the only game around. ๐Ÿ™‚


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