Issues: Homosexuality, Birth Control, etc. and Religion.

This raises some interesting points. I wish all people thought about the issue so carefully. Enjoy the read folks!


Issues: Homosexuality, Birth Control, etc. and Religion..


7 thoughts on “Issues: Homosexuality, Birth Control, etc. and Religion.”

  1. Thanks for mentioning it. I am completely exhausted of the whole thought process today though. Did you always know you felt the way you do, or did it change? I am still in a transitional period of how exactly I relate to God.


    1. The only things I’ve ever known I felt sure of was that God loves all creations, and that condemnation is not an act of love. And that Religion begins in divinity and is corrupted by man… the rest was an evolution of thought up to about 19


      1. You are a wise perverted Sage. 😉 I thought I knew how it worked basically my whole life. I really think that I learned all of those things about God for a reason, and there have been amazing experiences that have happened, it just seems like my perception is shifting.It is like the picture is being tilted and some things are sliding off while others stay. The underlying structure is the same, but I am seeing a different picture.


      2. you would be a truly amazing person have a couple coffee with 🙂 most of what I believe about God is contained in a post entitled “a child’s ascension” it’s about a dream I had when I was about six years old, maybe a little younger. But that’s essentially the way it works, life changes, it changes us, our course stays but what was weak to begin with gets replaced by something stronger, and more stable. I’m learning the hard way right now, but apparently the same thing goes with love. I thought I knew how that went pretty well too. Even the Perverted Sage still has a lot of learning to do 🙂


      3. Yeah, I have a feeling the coffee conversation would be pretty amazing. I feel like I’ve known you a lot longer than I have. The love…I don’t even know what to say about that, except it is shifting too. The love picture is more painful to look at though. You would think it would be the other way around, but for some reason it is not. I think that one is constantly going to change. Maybe it’s better that way, but it doesn’t feel better. I like to be comfortable with love.


  2. By the way, I am just teasing you about the perverted thing. I really like how you use the word as it is actually intended to be used. Also, I have recently started getting a lot more comments on my posts, most are from the same group of people, I just love the back and forth. Anyway, you are always welcome to jump in wherever, or skip to the end. I just don’t want you to be overwhelmed. Not like I think you are…I think I’m overanalyzing this…I’m good at that. Thanks for coming over and leaving your comment.


    1. you’re quite welcome. I just hope I didn’t start too many forest fires with that comment. The individual who commented seems to be firmly rooted in his or her views. And if the discussion were to be extensive, it would just become a giant flame. And I really don’t want that. I like to be comfortable with love too, but my life is made them virtually impossible, not just because of a disability, though that certainly is part of it. I hope you get around to reading that post that referred you to


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