My Bloody Orgasm

You blight on the world

utter waste of space

you crawl about the mortal world

seeking your rightful place

everywhere you go you breathe

an air filled with destruction and greed


The sound of your breath sickens me

like nails on a chalkboard

were the most putrid of memory

the stench of desire emanates around

I’ve often dreamt of killing you

and you make barely a sound


This time he won’t be so lucky

this is no dream

I have waited a long time

since you came on the scene.


I grasp your throat

and grip like a vice

cold eyes like a python

I whisper advice,

“go and die, you agent of war”

“you’ve become nothing”

“but the governments whore”


I hear it now

you’re running out of breath

soon you’ll find

the sweet kiss of death

I slit open your throat

and I see the crimson gush

like a fleshy volcano

and I begin to blush


I feel a sensation

I’ve never felt before

this is better than sex

I’ve killed the government whore

as the blood spatters around me

I smile and think

this is what it feels like

the chains are broken

this last bloody orgasm

was my final token

as I place the gun

to my head and squeeze

finally now

I put my pain at ease



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