the innocence of a child

a child’s world is like a clean slate,

Its mind arriving, never too early, never too late.

Growing, learning, changing as it will.

Adults, the teachers of the world, a child’s innocence they kill.

They make us forget all the things we knew.

Rudolph Santa Claus, the Easter bunny too

They teach us things things they think we need to know,

But as a result, of our innocence we must let go.

They teach us about drugs, sex, and how to lie.

With each new lesson, the child within us dies.

When we fall in love, our minds twisted.

The temptations of the flesh can no longer be resisted.

We are eager to change into a new state,

our first sexual encounter?  But it’s only the first date.

Our hearts get broken, and never mended.

That’s what happens when our first love is ended.

We give ourselves, we give our all

but we can never love again, not like our first fall.

To the Parents

Keep us safe, and keep us warm.

Teach us life lessons, but be forewarned.

Don’t strip us of our innocence.

We need it to be kind.

Teach us to love others as you were once taught.

Teach us here.  Teach us now, without giving it a second thought.

Give us hope and faith, and even love.

Teach us to believe in something that comes from above.

Without hope, there is no faith and without faith.  There is no life.

Hear my voice, hear my plea, hear my thanks, because someone once taught me.

I say this with passion, hot, and never mild.

Never rob your kids.

Of the innocence of a child.


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