Random Unfinished Collab Thing

from idealistic to realistic
from love to despair
hill top breathing to city air
sometimes with the weight of the world
and others not a single care
moments of solitude
and submersion. unprepared
for the reality that lunges towards me
fangs at the ready
to sedation and sleep, image steady
holding in mind, that for which im hardly ready
im waiting
ticks and excavating
rocks and shambles
contempating many things
enumerating gambles
risk and regret, irrational rambling
til im back at ease
like a child unafraid of cavities
secure, and safe
i wish everyone could see
the world not as it was
but as it used to be
in mind
desire dilluted
but still as we choose to be

escapist fucking monkeys in a a manufactured cage
I do nothing but sit in rage, awaiting a war, yet to be

heroin fiends, sink to seats to fend
what perpuates by absence of the time we lend
all but trapped in a single moment
feeling this is the end
but rebegins
and realize at times i hate to breathe again
waiting for something to fill lungs without the burn
cuz for the first time I’m alive again
speeding faster and my blood flow thumpin, be hot
cuz realities coming, be it ready or not


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